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Technical Experience

Our firm is engage in this field from last 36 years we have a deep experience of furniture field, Plot area of our factory is about 21500q ft Construction area is about 18000Sqft and open area is about 3500 Sq ft. We have all sufficient machinery and quality control equipments for manufacturing.We have semi automatic Metal Fabrication Unit, Powder Coating Unit, Post forming Unit , Wooden Unit, Cushion Unit. We have a 70 Skilled Labor team for all manufacturing Process. We have a Production Engineers (B.E. Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Production.

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Verification of Compliance of BIFMA
Certificate of Excellence
Certificate of Registration


Certificate of Registration


Additional information

  • Manpower :
    • company has skilled manpower such as Production Engineer, Quality Control supervisor, Skilled Labour.

  • Quality Control Staff :
    • We have a adequate quality control staff. We have quality control supervisor who checking quality at every stage of Production with their relevant quality control inspector.